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June 08 2016


Making Canvas Art Prints

An extremely recent innovation allows for artists' initial paintings to be replicated on canvas. Prior to this an artist who painted an initial work on canvas would need to have a reproduction made on paper. Unlike a paper reproduction, one printed on canvas can be shown without glass and matting, and also appears like an initial.

There are 2 primary ways that individual can produce canvas prints. They are by canvas transferring and printing directly on the canvas. Both can produce high-quality results, and can be made to look as near the original as possible.

When it concerns replicating an artist's original canvas art prints, it is obvious that the reproduction should look as similar to the original as possible. Using numerous techniques, it makes it easy to produce canvas art prints that look just as excellent as the original.

Transferring to make canvas art prints is the most common of the two techniques. It begins with a standard, offset paper print that is made in the conventional way from the original.

The canvass is then photo canvas prepped with adhesive, and the movie is thoroughly laid on it. Pressure is applied to Photo Canvas bond the movie to the canvas, which is then set aside to dry. The outcome is a stunning canvas art print that looks very much like the initial.

Printing straight on the canvas to produce canvas art prints is the 2nd most commonly used approach.

Other approaches used consist of direct balanced out printing, where a piece of canvas is run through an offset press; Repligraphy, where a hot-melt color dye printing system is used to produce an oil-based movie that follows the canvas; and Artagraphs, which includes a mold of both the artist's initial brushstrokes and textures.

How can you tell if an art piece is the original or a canvas art print reproduction? It might appear hard, there are clues that somebody can utilize to tell what is genuine and what is a copy.

The first is to search for minimal edition print numbers, which are normally discovered at the bottom of the work in xx/yy format. When producing canvas art prints, a reproduction frequently leaves this out.

Canvas art prints are normally completely flat or have little applications of hand-applied paint that is referred to as emphasize. It's most likely a reproduction if the canvas art print is flat to the touch. Originals mainly consist of areas of texture.

Highlights can be apparent to see. A hightlight can be just a little dab of paint, which is quite different from an artist's real brushstroke.

Other alternatives consist of utilizing a high-powered microscope to try to find basic dot patterns and/or calling a gallery to see if they have someone who can determine your canvas art print as an original or a reproduction.

They are by canvas moving and printing directly on the canvas. Transferring to make canvas art prints is the most common of the two methods. The outcome is a gorgeous canvas art print that looks very much like the original.

Canvas art prints are usually entirely flat or have little applications of hand-applied paint that is referred to as emphasize. If the canvas art print is flat to the touch, then it's most likely a reproduction.

June 05 2016


How to to Print on Photo Canvas

Photo printing on canvas is an excellent way to protect your cherished photos. s durable decorative choices, canvas prints of digital pictures are perfect and impart a trendy aim to the interiors. Photo printing on canvas is immensely popular among interior decorators, corporate clients, professional photographers and people.

Digital images can be bigger and then printed on canvas for a spectacular result. You can exhibit your photographic skills to others by simply hanging these enlarged photo canvas prints on the walls. he pictures can be household pictures, or those of a wedding, birthday celebration, main function or a striking picture of some element of nature. Because the digital printing experts require put in just lesser effort and time, his is a easy and cost-efficient means of printing.

is essential that before you get the canvas printing done, you should find a digital printing business where you get extremely professional service. ost of the digital printing business offer the very best services even with money back assurance. Since they utilize innovative printing devices, you can make sure high quality in the services they provide.

The photo printing is performed in such a manner in which there is no artificiality in the photo canvas deals Canada prints; the real natural texture of the images you have actually uploaded will be maintained. You can have the canvas prints of your pictures in any favored format. Since the prints are susceptible to fade, the printing company utilize UV protected inks on artist's grade cotton canvases. f required, you can get the photo prints on canvas extended on wood frames so that they can be quickly held on the walls.

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Garage Doors

https://rachelnjackson89.wordpress.com/ Importance involving using Garage Doors

June 04 2016


Tips for your garage doors

The brand-new generation of garage doors is reasonably priced,

simple and safe to install and they are not a.

convenience for just a select couple of. You ought to think about.

altering your garage door if it is too old or if it has an.

old motor or pulley-block system.

The garage doors can be chosen by the type of the chain.

System they utilize: screw-drive system, chain drive system or.

computer regulated system. The screw drive system has.

a system that moves the length of a steel rod; it is a.

lifting mechanism that is mounted in your garage ceiling.

The chain drive system is made from a chain that moves the.

door along a pair of tracks; this is the most common and.

cost effective system but also has the disadvantage of being.

extremely loud. The computer drive system does not.

use any screws or chains; the system's body is mounted.

above the door.

The speed and the kind of power are other aspects utilized in.

choosing a new garage door. A https://www.n49.com/search/Garage%20Doors/470/Markham/ faster door implies a more.

expensive one, however this function minimizes the waiting time.

on your driveway. Although it opens quickly, a door.

normally closes pretty slow for security. The power.

Since it, of the motor is crucial in picking a door.

needs to have sufficient power to raise the door; a large motor.

is most likely to last longer. The tranquility of the motor.

should be another choice factor.

Improved security features can be discovered in a more recent.

generation door that uses random codes. A brand-new random.

code is produced each time the push-button control is useded to.

open the garage door. This security code avoids you.

from opening another garage and vice versa. The remote.

control might be found in numerous designs with a various.

number of buttons. A numerous button remote control is.

the very best option for somebody who has a number of garages. The.

set controller is installed on the wall either inside or.

outside, near the Markham garage door garage door and it permits the garage.

door to open without a remote controller. The keypad.

permits to close the door for a particular amount of time and.

it supplies enough time to leave the garage without.


Safety features are present on every garage door. These.

features prevent the door from crushing things or individuals by.

reversing the instructions if it strikes something. This safety.

function is activated by an electronic beam and it is.

mandated by law. A computer-controlled mechanism can.

Discover or compensate for varying conditions.

, if the door is coming in contact with a blockage or is.


closing too quick.

June 01 2016


Photo To Art Canvas And Its Properties By Azalea Wright

Pablo Picasso was encouraged by his father, a skill teacher, to follow along with him into the art scene and in a very early age it was clear that Pablo's natural talent would take him further than his father. How familiar have you been with the art and setting within the scene though. The Giclee Prints technology involves a typical coloring pattern and is often utilized by major printing stores and art galleries to emphasize the artwork. So referring as to no real surprise that you can find a number of Photo Canvas basic formulas around the layout design when it comes to poster printing.

Does you family want to travel? Do you have a shutter bug inside your family who always keeping taking pictures of where ever you go along with your family? If it is so then you definitely hard disk should be filled with millions of pictures of your family. Many stitches , like Cashmere Stitch for example, are either bigger or higher Tent Stitch. Some companies also provide additional services such as stretcher bars for frames along with other related services that can be advantageous while you can obtain a complete artwork printed too as canvassed to your preference. Collage artist Katie Blueford of Blue Green Arts lays out the fundamentals of mixed media collage on this easy to follow, 9-step photo tutorial.

In order to ensure that you simply get the best quality canvas prints, choosing the best supplier is most important. Successfully established ink shops is found populating the storefronts and drawing new too as repeat customers to have their feelings painted with permanence. Easy to hang on your wall, you will use a wall gallery in record time.

In order to ensure that you have the best quality canvas prints, choosing the right supplier is most important. It's also really perfect for weddings to. * Make a comprehensive research on the Internet to find out the best online Canvas printing company.

These are the types of canvas designed for needlepoint. So if you are creating a 4 x 6 inch print, the image will need to be about 1200 x 1800 pixels in size. Always put down the light color first, then your darker color and make sure the initial color is dry before adding one more color.

If you admire art and love the sport of golf, check out the web site www. The craftsmanship of the tightly wrapped canvas is outstanding. Some companies also provide additional services such as stretcher bars for frames and other related services that can be advantageous as you can obtain a complete artwork printed also as canvassed to your preference. Shannon Jilge.

The skincare needs of the patient following operative facial rejuvenation will differ. There are instructions on how to make them and what to complete to produce them unique that can be found. If you adore "Ink Master" too, please Subscribe, so that you will never miss another post from this Television Examiner.

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May 30 2016


Best Displays' Rollup Banner Appears Now The Particular Display Design Associated Along With Preference Regarding Canada's Leading Businesses

https://debradofficersm.wordpress.com/ Best Displays' roll Up Banner stands Currently The Actual Display style of Choice for Canada's top Businesses

Wi-fi Radio: enjoy The Wireless Entertainment

This video tutorial is one step by step guide to show you how you can simply increase the power and range of your Xbox 360 Console Wireless Adaptor with just a couple of simple stuff you will find around your house. Not to mention the undeniable fact that the highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer months. Sun, surf, and sand for three straight months. Or maybe it's that recently purchased Blackberry Storm that many people have a love/hate relationship with and that's about the verge of becoming obsolete by Storm2 within months (with hopefully a better touch screen, usable software and WiFi).

First http://networkcomputing.com/wireless/wireless-site-surveys-basics/861543211 subscribe to InfoBarrel here using my referral link or should you prefer to not sign up under me then you can sign up here. Cross-platform transferability: Both the Kindle and the Nook have their own respective eReader apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC. Generally, mobile broadband contracts are quite varied plus a little bit of doing your research will find a variety of numerous packages and prices all with their own speeds and limits. com's leading solutions and get a closer look at the Doorbell Camera click here.

There really is pointless for anyone who wants to obtain connected at home, to be without an online connection. Once you get 50-100 articles up and you also start seeing simply how much you're making it will help motivate you to definitely write much more. No consumers or customers are allowed access to ESX however, to learn much more about Alarm. You are welcome to get my address, but based about the A1CS FUSION5 I would probably get one in the future anyway!.

Well friends you will find plenty of locations where offer FREE (doesn't cost) wifi. Accessing the internet from any location for starters low monthly charge is truly a blessing and while you could simply be in a position to access a dial up connection in certain remote locations you'll find that overall you have a high speed connection in most places that you simply travel to which allows you to definitely access information quickly and without hassle. A good computer network at a workplace place has far reaching benefits for that business enterprise and its growth. Chess and Sudoku: The two games are excellent for passing time - when you are not within the mood for reading.

articlesnatch. In the situation of your WiFi network, the symptoms are the protection vulnerabilities. Save My System Ltd will provide a myriad of wireless WLAN Site survey Toronto network services.

Barcelo All-Inclusive Resort Cabo San Lucas. Consumers worry about innovation, latest and greatest (in a meaningful way, not from marketing speak). foucscamera. It effectively picks up the WiFi signal and doubles up its range.
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May 29 2016


All About Custom Flags Used in Formula One Racing

Spectators at Formula One racing events notice race marshals using custom flags to send messages to the drivers. The marshals, positioned around the track, each have ten different custom flags. Today the flags serve an information source for spectators. Modern Formula One racing speeds make it difficult for drivers to be aware of the flags and react in a timely manner. When the driver is passing the relevant track location, technological innovations now allow each Formula One racing cockpit to be equipped with a GPS marshalling system that displays the flag color.

Formula One racing flags follow a pattern. Many of the custom flags are common to most auto racing events and familiar to the general public. Others are specific to Formula One racing.

The black and white checkered flag is perhaps the best known of all racing flags. At the end of a Formula One racing event the checkered flag is waved first at the winner and then at all following cars so that they understand that the race has been completed.

The red flag is also used to indicate the end of a Formula One racing session. The waving of a red flag indicates that the session has ended early, generally as a result of poor track conditions or because of an accident.

The red and yellow striped flag informs drivers of adverse track conditions, such as oil or water on the track. It also may indicate debris on the track.

Marshals may wave either one or two solid yellow flags in Formula One racing. A single yellow flag warns drivers to slow down. A single yellow flag along with the SC sign indicates to drivers that the safety car will be entering the track.

When a slow moving vehicle has entered the track in Formula One racing the marshals wave a white flag, indicating that a reduction in speed is necessary.

The green flag is waved as a message that the track has been cleared and the race may resume full speed.

In Formula One racing the blue custom flag serves as a warning signal to a driver that a faster car is approaching. The driver is required to allow the faster car to pass. A driver that fails to allow the faster car to pass after passing three blue flags may be penalized.

Formula One racing also uses flags to communicate to drivers regarding their status.

A half black, half white flag is used in conjunction with a sign indicating a specific car number. Formula One racing uses this signal to inform a driver that his behavior is unacceptable. , if the behavior continues the driver will be disqualified.


A solid black flag accompanied by a car number sign notifies a driver that he has been disqualified and must return to his pit within the next lap.

The final flag used by Formula One racing marshals is a black flag with an orange circle in the. This flag is waved to tell a driver that a vehicle Custom flags Canada mechanical problem has been detected. The driver must return the car to the pit.

Flags allow Formula One racing spectators to easily follow the flow of a Formula One racing event.

Spectators at Formula One racing events notice race marshals using custom flags to send messages to the drivers. Technological innovations now allow each Formula One racing cockpit to be equipped with a GPS marshalling system that displays the flag color when the driver is passing the relevant track location.

The black and white checkered flag is perhaps the best known of all racing flags. Marshals may wave either one or two solid yellow flags in Formula One racing. The final flag used by Formula One racing marshals is a black flag with an orange circle in the.
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May 28 2016


Roll up Banners & Popup Displays

Roll up banners & PopUp Displays are presently one of the most typical type of low priced trade convention as well as occasion display screen. A Popup Display is not a trade show "booth" as high as it is a backdrop or background wall surface for your screen location.

A popup screen usually has only 2 main components, with 2 or three various other optional devices. One of the most considerable part of a popup display is the folding framework which is normally constructed from either fibreglass or aluminum tubes. The frame functions as a skeleton that you cover with screen panels-- either velcro-ready fabric panels, or visuals panels constructed from a material like Duralex which are lexan panels that have actually already been printed, typically using a high resolution large format printing process.

Prior to the frame is made to "popup", it comes folded up to a unit around 8" square by 30" vast. When it is unravelled, the framework " turns up" to a skeleton roughly 8' (or 10') broad by typically) about 8' high. This framework usually evaluates about 15 lbs. as well as is secure enough to merely rest on the flooring with no anchoring or outside assistance. For exact requirements as well as measurements, see the web links below.

The panels (either textile panels or graphic panels) are usually about 30" broad by 8' high. There are generally either 4 or 5 panels required to cover the structure, with additional "end cap" panels made of the exact same product to cover around the ends of the structure. When the panels are used to the framework, it gets even better stability.

The screen is total once the panels are applied to the framework if your popup display screen has duralex graphic panels. You will possibly have a number of graphics that are adhered to the fabric with velcro strips if you make use of the more common material panels. These graphics can roll up banners Canada be duralex (as above), flexible plastic-- essentially indoor plastic banners-- or posters ( display screen prints) published on paper as well as laminated so they are both versatile and long lasting .

Commonly, the display is rounded off with two or 3 halogen lights that are affixed at the top of the framework and brighten your graphics.

The entire screen-- frame, magnetic bars, textile and graphic panels, and lights can be packaged up in a durable, light-weight lugging instance with wheels. The carrying situation usually doubles as a display screen counter or platform with its own special top (normally an optional device) and wrap around graphics ( likewise optional).

A normal case for an 8' or 10' display screen is small sufficient to suit the trunk or back seat of a lot of vehicles, and typically evaluates around 40 lbs., relying on the kind of devices as well as graphics included. This makes it light sufficient to be easily walked around by most people.

A typical popup display can be assembled by one person of average height in about 20 minutes. If you are shorter compared to concerning 5'6" you may need a tiny ladder to arrive. Usually a chair works too.

If a roll up banner or popup display feels like excessive, or if you assume you will be in circumstances where setting up a popup display screen will be difficult or impractical , you may wish to think about an option like a Banner Stand or retractable Blink of an eye Roll. These units can http://www.print-it.com/rp_product/roll-up-banners/ be found in their own lightweight "over the shoulder" carrying cases and also could typically be set up in less than a couple of minutes.

The most significant component of a popup display screen is the folding frame which is normally made of either fibreglass or light weight aluminum tubes. The structure serves as a skeleton that you cover with screen panels-- either velcro-ready fabric panels, or visuals panels made of a material like Duralex which are lexan panels that have already been printed, generally using a high resolution large layout printing process.

The panels (either material panels or graphic panels) are normally concerning 30" wide by 8' high. There are normally either 4 or 5 panels required to cover the frame, with extra "end cap" panels made of the same material to cover around the ends of the structure. If your popup display has duralex visuals panels, after that the screen is full once the panels are used to the structure.
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May 18 2016


Exactly what are Feather Flags

Feather Flags are the ideal means to have an expert looking company properties whilst promoting your products all at the same time. This style of flag is extremely royal in look as well as communicates that your company is of the finest and exuding with style. The tough post is in the shape of an inverted 'L' and also the rectangular flags attached to it could withstand winds of up to 30 miles each hr, whilst being water resistant all at the same time.

Designing Your Feather Flags

The layout of your Feather Flags is vital and also will certainly be the production of your campaign when you get it best as well as stand out for all the right factors. We choose not to print anything until our customers are ONE HUNDRED% happy that the design, so you could be ensured that you will get exactly just what you

want the very first time around.

Bear in mind that both sides of the Feather Flags can be printed which a logo, brief as well as succinct writing as well as strong imagery are all key to the best style. Reams and also reams of creating or plain images will just see that prospective customer continue to walk on past your feather; bright, to-the-point and also strong style will light the imagination of your possible customers as well as see that you have a larger quantity of them taking the next action in purchasing.

If designing really isn't really your thing or if you do not have the moment, after that you could make use of our totally free design alternative where we will do it all for you as well as simply need your approval for printing. Through this you can unwind as well as loosen up until your brand-new Feather Flags get there in the blog post.

Easy Set Up That Feather Flags

Feather flags are, just like all the other flags that we supply, very simple to construct and also could be established and also promoting your company in no time. You could buy your Feather Flag Set in either a double or single piece pole established and it will certainly get there that every element that you may perhaps should place your flag directly into action.

The automobile wheel base that we provide is the excellent partner for any type of Feather Flag as the weight of the vehicle offers the best counter weight, whilst the vehicle itself will certainly grab more attention because of the flag.

Exactly how Feather Flags Could Assist Your Business

Standing in front of your company properties like a row of soldiers, feather flags are the best device for decor, advertisement and also standing out. Marketing is everything about portraying your company in a favorable light in order to bring in one of the most customers; feather flags give an expert front so individuals are motivated to take a closer look at just what you need to offer. You can have your company logo design printed on your Feather Flags or info concerning an existing offer or sale; in any case these flags are visiting advertise your company in the positive light that you want.

Feather Flags are the best means to have an expert looking company facilities whilst promoting your items all at the very same time. Standing in front of your company facilities like a feather flags Canada row of soldiers, feather flags are the excellent device for decor, advertising campaign as well as drawing in attention. You could have your business logo design published on your Feather Flags or info concerning a present deal or sale; either method these flags are going to promote your company in the positive light that you prefer.
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May 15 2016


Direct Marketing

http://www.signinworks.com Back end Affilate Marketing As Well As Advertising 402

May 12 2016


Improve your Business Cards and also Boost your Sales

In this digital generation where details could be effortlessly obtained within secs, business cards still have kept their value in the success of raised company direct exposure as well as company sales. If your business already has a number of printed cards distributed to a number of potential customers but you do not see any type of improvement in your market reach, then it's about time to revamp your old business card.

Take out your company card and look at it in an unbiased point of view. Most business owners have their business cards published based on their very own subjective preferences, never ever actually taking right into factor to consider if the business cards provide the essential message for maximum business impact in such a minimum space.

Online connectivity has actually made it feasible for businesses or even clients to connect without inconvenience, yet it is the business cards which enhance the visibility of business also in the lack of the Web. Thus, also when your clients are vacationing in a deserted island, or have actually gone outdoor camping on a mountain side where Toronto business cards Net link is tough ahead by, they are still able to access your company information via business card, or even better to offer your card to a prospective client.

Postcards are likewise practical ways to generate boosted get in touch with for your company however because business cards are handier as well as much easier to suit a budget or a business documents organizer, they are more specific to be carried anywhere and anytime. What is printed on the card is as crucial as to how the details is printed. A business card ought to have the name and the logo design of the firm or company, the slogan or adage of the company, the get in touch with individual, get in touch with numbers or telephone number, the business site, and also when possible, a physical address.

Any type of business should never ever underestimate the power of business cards. Business cards can certainly help any kind of business to be much more prominent or even successful in the long run.

Many business owners have their firm cards published based on their very own subjective inclinations, never ever truly taking into consideration if the business cards supply the needed message for optimum company effect in such a minimal space.

Postcards are additionally feasible ways to produce enhanced call us for your business but due to the fact that business cards are handier or even much easier to fit into a purse or a company data organizer, they are more certain to be brought anywhere as well as anytime. A company card should http://www.printbusinesscards.com/ordering/Canada-Business-Cards.php have the name or even the logo of the company or business, the motto or motto of the company, the get in touch with person, call numbers or cell phone numbers, the company website, or even if possible, a physical address.

August 11 2015


Interesting Facts About National Flags

The national flag of Argentina is a triband which was made in 181 It consists of three equally wide horizontal bands which are within the order of light blue, white and light-weight blue. Not convinced? Try these techniques which means you can already take pleasure within the financial savings. On the Internet, anonymity and being anyone serves as strong draw points, and it can be done to use a dog on a pc to access the http://www.tystz.com/reasons-why-people-require-the-services-of-teardrop-flags-in-greater-toronto-area/ net (though not in any meaningful way).

Prayer flags needs to be hung inside the right order, starting with blue from left to right. Although the flag was developed in mid 1800s, it was adopted only in 1919, through the Irish War of Independence from Britain. Excessively Few Pictures.

Prayer flags needs to be hung in the right order, starting with blue from left to right. It may be the initial time you\'ve seen some these flags and also you may wonder concerning the history behind them. It may be the very first time you\'ve seen some these flags and also you may wonder concerning the history behind them. We also have plenty of other 4th July Party Ideas and costumes too as advice to sure your planning and preparation runs smoothly!.

The northern part of California is a natural wonder, with a variety of forests including the well-known giant sequoia trees. When the flag was standardized in 1978, the colour of sunlight was specified as golden yellow. The other main activities are engineering (including shipping, telecommunications and hydro-electric power equipment), shipping freight services, forestry, pulp and paper products, textiles, food processing, metals, chemicals, mining, and tourism. And if you still can\'t tell them apart, no less than now you realize why.

8) Dead Men Tell No Tales. . Facing an IRS audit is not worth it.

If people fly the flag of their property country or those of their ancestors, they reveal a little more about themselves and just how this has shaped them as individuals. is not really a state, it have their own flag. The 32 rays present around the sun are divided into 16 undulated and 16 straight in an nate fashion and also the sun also has to be embroidered about the flag.

Tags: flags

May 07 2015


How effective are advertising flags, beach flags, blade flags or tear drop flags and what is the average price online and what do you recommend?

Over the years we’ve seen many advertising flags populate the busy streets of Toronto. Especially when it comes to the spring and summer we’ve see a lot of advertising flags being installed on top of real estate buildings, in front of restaurants and many other type of brick and motor stars. These advertising flags have many unique names such as tear drop flags, banner flying flags, feathered flying flags, windless flag, beach flag and more. The most common term or name we refer these flags to are feathered advertising flag or a banner flag. In general we just call these advertising flags.

What are these flags made out of and what’s the best material? The majority of these flags are made out of polyester and they can either be silk screen printed or dye sublimation printed. The best method for printing these flags is dye sublimation especially if you want the colors to pop and be vibrant. What is dye sublimation? If you know what high quality shirts look like for example Nike apparel are mostly dye sublimation especially their dry fit bright colored T’s.

That is an example of dye sublimation and how you can wash and dry it hundreds of times before it actually loses color or fades which is rare. Now with screen printing, think of a screen printed cotton T-shirt with a logo on it, when you see it cracking or wrinkling the ink Is starting to peel , crack and tear. Colors fade http://www.inkdoodle.ca fast and the life is usually very short on these cotton shirts. So you adapt the same concept and print technique to advertising flags. If you want nice colors that stand out you select dye sublimated flags, colors are rich, the color will not fade and it will last outdoors for a very long time without losing color. With screen printed flags they may seem less expensive in price but they will not last as long as dye sublimated flags.

The reason why advertising tear drop dye sublimation flags last a long time is because of the ink, pressure and heat process. The technology uses a gaseous ink that embedded onto a type of heat transfer paper, then the heat transfer paper is pressed onto the flag under a flat or rotary heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees. This process ensures that colors will last and typically most printer manufacturers have a color profile that matches the color output you are looking for.

The price of these flags range from $50 online for a single sided flag and all the way up http://www.alltimefavorites.com/local/Advertising-Giveaways-Promotional-Items/advertising-specialty-Ariel-Display-Services/Ontario/Toronto.htm to $275 for a double sided 15foot flag. Two types of poles we’ve seen are fiber glass poles and pure aluminum metal poles. Both hardware pieces are fine and are roughly the same price.

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