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How effective are advertising flags, beach flags, blade flags or tear drop flags and what is the average price online and what do you recommend?

Over the years we’ve seen many advertising flags populate the busy streets of Toronto. Especially when it comes to the spring and summer we’ve see a lot of advertising flags being installed on top of real estate buildings, in front of restaurants and many other type of brick and motor stars. These advertising flags have many unique names such as tear drop flags, banner flying flags, feathered flying flags, windless flag, beach flag and more. The most common term or name we refer these flags to are feathered advertising flag or a banner flag. In general we just call these advertising flags.

What are these flags made out of and what’s the best material? The majority of these flags are made out of polyester and they can either be silk screen printed or dye sublimation printed. The best method for printing these flags is dye sublimation especially if you want the colors to pop and be vibrant. What is dye sublimation? If you know what high quality shirts look like for example Nike apparel are mostly dye sublimation especially their dry fit bright colored T’s.

That is an example of dye sublimation and how you can wash and dry it hundreds of times before it actually loses color or fades which is rare. Now with screen printing, think of a screen printed cotton T-shirt with a logo on it, when you see it cracking or wrinkling the ink Is starting to peel , crack and tear. Colors fade http://www.inkdoodle.ca fast and the life is usually very short on these cotton shirts. So you adapt the same concept and print technique to advertising flags. If you want nice colors that stand out you select dye sublimated flags, colors are rich, the color will not fade and it will last outdoors for a very long time without losing color. With screen printed flags they may seem less expensive in price but they will not last as long as dye sublimated flags.

The reason why advertising tear drop dye sublimation flags last a long time is because of the ink, pressure and heat process. The technology uses a gaseous ink that embedded onto a type of heat transfer paper, then the heat transfer paper is pressed onto the flag under a flat or rotary heat press at a temperature of 400 degrees. This process ensures that colors will last and typically most printer manufacturers have a color profile that matches the color output you are looking for.

The price of these flags range from $50 online for a single sided flag and all the way up http://www.alltimefavorites.com/local/Advertising-Giveaways-Promotional-Items/advertising-specialty-Ariel-Display-Services/Ontario/Toronto.htm to $275 for a double sided 15foot flag. Two types of poles we’ve seen are fiber glass poles and pure aluminum metal poles. Both hardware pieces are fine and are roughly the same price.

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